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Deburring and Polishing Process

Cleanliness and Aesthetics on Metal Surfaces

During the production and processing of metal products, the formation of burrs and surface defects can have a negative impact on both functionality and aesthetics. At Deka Galvano Technic, we successfully implement the Deburring and Polishing Process to achieve excellent cleanliness and shine on metal surfaces.

All of our production lines feature traceability capabilities specific to the automotive sector.

What is Deburring?

Deburring is the process of removing sharp edges or pointed spots created on metal parts after machining or cutting processes. This process is performed to ensure the safe use of parts and to smooth surfaces after processing.

We have equipped all of our production lines with modern automation systems, making our processes fully automated from start to finish.

What is Polishing?

Polishing is the process of making metal surfaces smooth and shiny. Polishing eliminates surface scratches, burrs, and defects while providing the metal with an aesthetically appealing shine.


Cleanliness and Safety: Deburring and polishing ensure the safe use of metal parts after processing. By eliminating sharp edges or pointed spots, user safety is enhanced.

Aesthetic Appearance: The polishing process enhances the shine of metal surfaces, providing a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. This makes products look more attractive and professional.

Durability: The polishing process removes surface scratches and defects, increasing the durability of parts. As a result, products maintain their performance over an extended period.

Deka Galvano Technic's Applications:

At Deka Galvano Technic, we provide cleanliness, safety, and aesthetics on metal surfaces through the Deburring and Polishing Process. With our experienced team and modern equipment, we ensure that your parts achieve a perfect appearance.

The Deburring and Polishing Process is a critical step for the cleanliness, safety, and aesthetics of metal products. At Deka Galvano Technic, we commit to delivering high-quality and aesthetically pleasing products by professionally applying this process. We are here to bring cleanliness and aesthetics together in the vibrant world of metal.

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