With 30 years of experience in the field of metal coating, Deka Galvano offers reliable solutions that provide aesthetics and protection on zinc-nickel coated surfaces.


Deka Galvano consistently achieves excellent results with its meticulous sorting processes for coated products, successfully combining aesthetics with top-notch quality.


Deka Galvano ensures secure transportation by carefully packaging zinc-nickel coated products, guaranteeing quality and protection during the packaging process.

Deka Galvano Technic is an expert in Zinc Nickel plating

Aesthetic Brilliance in Metal, Assurance in Quality

Deka Galvano Technic has been a pioneer in the metal surface coating industry for over 30 years. Committed to the principles of Metal Assurance and Quality Coating Art, we aim for excellence step by step, continuously improving our expertise.

Our journey, which began in 1993, started with the electro zinc plating process, and over time, we gained deep knowledge and experience. Each customer and project has provided us with learning and development opportunities, solidifying our claim to leadership in the metal surface coating industry.

The principle of Metal Assurance represents the guarantee behind our cyanide-free alkaline zinc plating lines. The experience we have gained over 30 years has strengthened the combination of brightness, durability, and aesthetics on metal surfaces.

The Art of Quality Coating is the name of approaching each project with care and combining aesthetics with perfection. Our 4 hanging lines and 1 cabinet line reflect this artistry. With our past experiences, we shape every project like a work of art.

At Deka Galvano Technic, we combine our principles of Metal Assurance and Quality Coating Art with over 30 years of experience to continue offering reliability and aesthetics to our customers. We aim to maintain our leadership while shaping the future. We invite you to experience our expertise and explore the world of metal with us.

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Deka Galvano Technic

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Deka Galvano Technic has been active in the galvanizing industry with Zinc Nickel Plating  and electro zinc plating processes since 1993.


This eco-friendly dual-coating method enhances the appeal of metal products with both protection and aesthetics.

A highly effective method employed to bolster the durability of metal items, ward off corrosion, and impart a pleasing aesthetic finish.

Deka Galvano Technic


Deka Galvano Technic conducts tests on its products in a laboratory environment with electro Zinc Nickel plating, Zinc plating, Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief, Deburring and Polishing Process services.

Deka Galvano Technic

Sustainable Production and Environmental Awareness

As Deka Galvano Technic, we prioritize sustainability principles at the core of our production processes. We embrace the mission of conserving natural resources by employing wastewater treatment and eco-friendly production methods. Throughout the entire lifecycle, from production to use, we are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint, pledging to a clean and green future.









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