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For over 30 years, as Deka GalvanoTeknik, we have been maintaining our presence in the metal surface coating industry with a pioneering mission. Embracing the Principles of Metal Assurance and Quality Coating Art, we aimed for excellence at every step and gradually improved our experience in the industry.

This journey, which we started in 1993, began with the electro-zinc plating process and evolved over time with the deep knowledge and experience we gained. Each customer, each project, provided us with new learning and development opportunities. We have based our claim to leadership in the metal surface coating field on this 30-year experience.

The principle of Metal Assurance is the guarantee behind our fully automatic CYANIDE-FREE alkaline zinc plating lines. The experience we have gained over 30 years has strengthened our expertise in enhancing the brightness, durability, and the fusion of aesthetics with functionality of metal surfaces.

Quality Coating Art is the name of approaching each project with care and bringing aesthetics and excellence together on every surface of metal. Our 4 fully automatic conveyor lines and 1 fully automatic cabinet line are an expression of us practicing this art at the highest level. With our 30 years of experience, we shape every project like a work of art.

At Deka GalvanoTeknik, we combine our Principles of Metal Assurance and Quality Coating Art with our 30 years of experience. We continue to offer our expertise in metal surfaces to our customers with reliability and aesthetics. With the strength we draw from the past, we shape the future and aim to maintain our leadership in the field of metal surface coating.

We invite you to experience our 30 years of expertise and meet us in the shining world of metal.”

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About Us

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